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we are happy to help you through our knowledge and improve as well. we have list of large number of projects idea its easy to understand and help you to choose one of them to create new projects.

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you can check our recent project and other repository of project, they can definitely help you out for your college project's. if you want you can buy at very cheap price compare to other sites. we are happy to assist you.

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Subhash maurya
Hello everyone,
I am "Subhash Maurya" founder of Tech Code Community. I am a computer science graduate and white hat hacker. I love to find bugs and viruses in computer system as well as network infrastructure.
I am introducing this site to you guys for coder and developer so we can help each other and build strong network to together.
Sirish Sekhar
Hey I am Sirish and I am a learner too but whatever I have experienced these years can help you guide with the issues and errors.
Siddhesh Kode
Bhavana Nande
Hello myself Bhavana Nande. I am a computer science graduate. I am here to solve your front-end development related query and give you better solution and requirements.
Pratik Dhargalkar
Hey, I’m Sahadev Dhargalkar the Co-Founder of Tech Code Community which we created with my fellow classmates. I live in India And i am a computer science graduate. I love coding and solving problems and thats what i will be doing here sharing my knowledge and ideas with you guys!
Sheetal Rajbhar
What's up, I'm Sheetal Rajbhar.
I'm Computer Science student. I believe in learning rather than achieving and that's why I'm here to share my knowledge and resolve your queries.
Vikas Gupta
My name is Vikas Gupta And I am Desktop Application developer.
I am computer science graduate. I will share
my knowledge with You guys.