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We are here to share what we learn and guide you through issues that we faced and don’t want you  to waste time on something which you can instead use it for various things which will help with your workings.

People often seek for guide and most of the time it doesn’t work in the coding world. Seeking for resolve is always been like a hunt. So now the solution is to help each other by sharing our way of approach and some guides which will help you resolve your issues.

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Subhash Maurya
Our Vision

Who We Are

"Issues and choosing path are always difficult to solve until you have a guide."

Learning a program is possible but applying them with your ideas and making it work is something that can only be accessible through experience.

In our team we all are a graduate students who always had passion to work on our ideas. Yet we

had no one to guide us through to how we can implement the way we wanted to be designed and functioned. The education where we think will learn isn’t that way. The bud of software creation is just started and no one excels at it. Everyday a new language or a software or a tool being released.

But no one teaches what being used in industry and how we are gonna learn. But our vision is to provide you help build software and learn everyday something new with our team blogs. Hope you will find the journey helpful to make you grow with your passion to build something new.



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