How To Change Mac-Address In Linux

First, let’s see how we can use macchanger to change network card’s hardware MAC address to a random address. We can start by investigating our current MAC address of eg eth0 network interface. To do this we execute macchanger with an option -s and an argument eth0.

How To Use ProxyChains in Kali Linux

How do hackers or cybersecurity researchers cover their tracks during visiting or scanning any website or any cyber attack? Today, in this article we will discuss an important concept which is Proxying. Proxying is a technique bouncing your internet traffic through multiple machines to hide the real identity of your original machine. For achieving this goal we can use a tool which is ProxyChains. So in this article, I am gonna show how to setup Proxychains in Kali Linux.

How to install Kali Linux 2021.1 in VMware Workstation Player 16

VMware Workstation player is available free of cost. Earlier it was not free, but I see that VMware has made it available for free for non Commercial users. For commercial usage, VMware Workstation Pro is more suitable. VMware Workstation Player is the limited capability free version of VMware Workstation . That is, it is just as …

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