How to install Kali Linux 2021.1 in VMware Workstation Player 16

VMware Workstation player is available free of cost. Earlier it was not free, but I see that VMware has made it available for free for non Commercial users. For commercial usage, VMware Workstation Pro is more suitable.

VMware Workstation Player is the limited capability free version of VMware Workstation . That is, it is just as VMware Workstation Pro with lesser functionality. But what is available is enough for most of the home users.

Step 1 – Download Kali Linux OVA File

To install the Kali Linux, we will have to first get the installer ISO image file. You can get it by visiting the official download page. Please download the 64 bit or 32 bit image depending on the system you have.

Step 2 – Locate the downloaded file

You can find the downloaded image file in the downloads folder, if you have not changed the default settings. The filename would be something like kali-linux-2021.1-installer-amd64.ova and would be around 4.0 GB. If you have downloaded through torrent, the ova file will be downloaded in a folder, folder name would be something like kali-linux-2021.1-installer-amd64.ova .

Step 3- Unzip Using Winrar

1.Go to the file where you download the kali linux ova file.

2.Right click on the file and extract the file .

3.kali linux was created  

Step 4- Open VMWare Player

Open VMware Player from Windows Start menu or from you desktop if you have VMware Player icon there.

step 5. Adding the VM

Process Complete

Login with your credential you created. Enter your username and Password the default user name "kali" and password is "kali".

You will be logged into Kali Desktop 2021.

Create root user

By default, only user account is setup during the installation stage. After installation you have to setup the root account by setting upa password for the root account.

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type command sudo su and enter password to gain root access
  3. Type command passwd root and enter the password for the root user. You can set the password of your choice

That’s it, you should be able to login as root user.

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