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Foundation is quickly evolving from another contender for a slot in the most popular framework lists to becoming one of the most modern and reliable web development frameworks. It stands out with its ability to deliver high-quality performance for modern devices and custom application requirements. Foundation’s core is built around a range of web development frameworks that can be used to create websites, email templates, as well as separate frameworks for building complex, dynamic and responsive apps that will feel authentic thanks to integration with Angular’s base.


The Ionic Framework is one of the most successful HTML5-based mobile frameworks that’s being used to build cross-platform apps and mobile websites with the help of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Anyone with the ability to build/design a website from scratch will be able to use Ionic. 

Semantic UI

Semantic is an HTML5 framework that utilizes a range of UI components to help you build fast and beautiful websites. You can use it to build both simple and complex layouts. Also, you can use it for theming an existing layout to better reflect your design preferences and choices. Frameworks like Meteor embrace the beauty that Semantics offers to UI development.


Bootstrap is a household name for every single breathing front-end developer. Out of the top 100,000 websites on the planet, 20% rely on Bootstrap as their foundation. Such number speaks volumes of the usuability user-friendliness, and flexibility of the framework. You can do this without having to build components and grid styles all by yourself. It all comes pre-packaged in the framework itself.


Skeleton has been built as starting-framework. It’s built that way rather than being used to build a fully functional website that uses complex UI components. Skeleton boilerplate is perfect for anyone who is looking to build their first, or two thousand and first website. If you need a simple grid-based approach to building pages that look, feel, and perform great, then choose Skeleton. Get the library and you’re all set, no additional setup tasks required.

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